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Teachers and students,
Welcome to the Teach Europe
program !

info Update your information about the European Union, its multicultural nature, its economy, role and impact on today's world, and its relations with the United States.

info Take part in workshops and seminars held in our partners' universities

info Specialists of the European Union, teachers and educators have the opportunity to meet and exchange knowledge and experience :

The Teach Europe seminars are designed for teachers of Languages, Social Studies, and Art. At every seminar day, participants will work with professors and will be exposed to innovative teaching strategies. No previous training in European studies is necessary.

zoom May 12, 2012: New Seminar at Yale, New Haven, CT

Yale University will hold its new Teach Europe seminar on Saturday, May 12 : it will include workshops that will be of interest to teachers of social studies, history, geography, humanities, and world languages.  Location: Yale’s MacMillan Center, in Henry R. Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Avenue, New Haven

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